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Your paradise on the Mayan Riviera, Mexico

Greetings and welcome to Mayan Riviera Weddings!

We invite you to take a moment to imagine yourselves standing together at the ocean’s edge
It’s your wedding day and never have you felt anything more alive, more natural than the love that embraces you in this moment. Under its spell you can’t help but love everything around you… the pelicans fishing in the sea, glistening sea shells along the beach, the translucent shades of blue extending out from shore, the sounds of waves, tropical breezes stirring in the palms. You’re in love with everything and everything is in love with you!

A soul affair
As you step closer to each other you feel the rush of a most intimate and familiar reality… the ocean of love that you are… as it floods your hearts through the joining of your hands and the meeting of your eyes. Nothing expresses more beautifully the nature of your love than the way you are present with each other in this moment… in the way you smile, gesture, speak and attend to each other. Between the two of you flow hidden currents of love that touch the hearts of your guests and draw them into communion with you. Then, in the sharing of your vows, all self-conscious thoughts submerge into the high tide of Being… into the stillness of Now… into the bliss of knowing with absolute certainty that you are One…



Mayan Riviera Weddings in Mexico
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