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Wedding and Reception Venues

Wedding & Reception Venues

An unforgettable wedding site is the perfect beginning to your memorable special day. Our Playa del Carmen wedding and reception venues include public and semi-private beach locations, beach clubs, restaurants, condo and boutique hotels, city terraces and rooftop gardens, vacation rentals, ocean front villas (up to 15 people) and for the more adventurous, sailboat and cenote jungle weddings.

Independent Wedding Planners
Please note that we are independent wedding planners, meaning that we’re not affiliated with all-inclusive resorts. One great advantage to this is that it allows us greater freedom, flexibility and creativity in organizing the wedding of your dreams. Throughout the entire wedding process, from initial contact up through the conclusion of your event, we maintain continuous, in-depth communication with you, alleviating much of the stress and uncertainty about marrying in a foreign country. We arrange and oversee every detail… from the booking of accommodations, wedding vendors, restaurants, beach clubs, transportation… to the planning of your rehearsal, ceremony, all the catering and restaurant services for the reception and, if need be, even supplying the necessary equipment, such as tables, chairs, plates, silverware and trained staff (waiters, bartenders, etc.).

A second great advantage to this is that we can keep everything located in the heart of Playa del Carmen. For those who have yet to visit, Playa del Carmen is a mecca for young-at-heart international travelers eager to enjoy Mexico’s dynamic Caribbean culture. It’s an exciting, high-energy city with pristine beaches and every type of facility imaginable for your wedding, plus the greatest fun-spot for both you and your guests… with world-class restaurants, dance clubs, bars, beach clubs, outdoor cafes, great shopping and non-stop entertainment from morning until the wee hours of the morning… all just minutes away!


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