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Your Personalized Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is what makes your paradise wedding unforgettable . . .
the words spoken, the promises that you make to each other and the bond you create as you enter into marriage. 

In officiating your ceremony it’s important that your minister know how you value and understand your love and the language that you use to express it.

You want your ceremony to reflect the romance and depth of your love.
You want it to capture the uniqueness and beauty of your story.
You want it to open your senses to the incredible natural beauty around you.
You want it to awaken your spiritual hearts through the readings and vows shared.

Since you’ll be marrying in a foreign country where your minister will not know you and where you won’t have the opportunity to decide on the content of your ceremony, we can create for you your own personalized ceremony.

For a fee of $100 a packet containing an extended list of wedding selections, such as poems, reflections on the themes of love and marriage, wedding vows and ring vows, along with a number of simple, enjoyable questions to help us have a sense of your relationship will be emailed to you. Then through email and phone consultation your personalized ceremony will be created and emailed to you for final proof. Once completed a copy will be sent to your wedding planner in Playa del Carmen handling your wedding to deliver to the minister officiating your wedding.

For those who do not contract with a wedding planner affiliated with Mayan Riviera Weddings, but are still planning to marry along the Mayan Riviera, we can create for you your own personalized ceremony that will be sent to you for a fee of $150.

To initiate this process please contact directly Rev. Andrew Murphy, M. Div. at his toll free number
888-808-8919 in the U.S. or email him at


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